21st August 2016

STAGE 5 – Final strapping and completion

:: July 4th 2016 :: Ok so we are almost there now. Just the strapping to complete and we’re ready for approval. My armourers have noticed […]
18th June 2016

STAGE 5 – modifcation: back plate

:: June 18th 2016 :: After receiving feedback from my armourer on the initial fitting, it appears that my armour is sitting a little too high […]
13th June 2016

STAGE 5 – assembly: first fit

:: June 13th 2016 :: We’re now into the final stages at last. Fitting tests and strapping are all that really stands between now and completion… […]
6th June 2016

STAGE 6 – E11 blaster kit – completion

:: June 5th 2016 :: Its times like this I am glad I dabbled in Warhammer 40k, otherwise I would never had come across or tried […]
30th May 2016

STAGE 5 – modification: the belt

:: May 26th 2016 :: There has been a lot of discussion on the forums and other build posts as to both the merits (few), and […]
25th May 2016

STAGE 6 – E11 blaster kit – 1st stage assembly

:: May 21st 2016 :: So with everything trimmed, sanded and as such ready, time to start getting down to the nitty gritty. A test run […]
18th May 2016

2: Thank you to… UPDATED

Feb 2016: Before we go any further there are a few people that need a mention here, and first off, it goes without saying that whilst […]
16th May 2016

STAGE 6 – E11 blaster kit – resin parts and pipe prep

:: May 11th 2016 :: Resin Parts Prep – pt1 As already mentioned, the Doopy Doo’s E11 Blaster pipe kit of considered one of the best E11 […]
15th May 2016

STAGE 5 – modification: helmet

:: May 15th 2016 :: Not a true ‘assembly’ build as the helmet does actually come completely assembled, however there are some modification needed for (a) […]
15th May 2016

STAGE 5 – assembly: leg armour ammo pack and sniper plate

:: April 25th 2016 :: Time to complete the leg armour with the addition of the sniper knee plate and the ammo pack. These elements will […]
15th May 2016

STAGE 5 – assembly: webbing snaps replacing velcro

:: April 25th 2016 :: The time has come to admit defeat… and accept that the supplied Anovos velcro just isn’t up to the job. Having […]
24th April 2016

STAGE 4 – TD – Thermal Detonator – UPDATED

:: April 24th 2016 :: So it’s early Sunday evening and I really don’t fancy starting the pre-assembly fit, edge cutting and sanding of the trimmed panels… […]
8th April 2016

STAGE 5 – assembly: body armour – front

:: April 8th 2016 :: The front armour follows the same fixing process as such as the back armour, but uses the larger brackets in the […]
8th April 2016

STAGE 5 – assembly: body armour – back

:: March 29th 2016 :: Time to assemble the largest parts of the amour now – the body sections.  I won’t be using the supplied Anovos […]
7th April 2016

STAGE 5 – assembly: hand armour and shoulder bells

:: March 28th 2016 :: Some of the smaller straight forward pieces can now be completed and strapped ready for wearing.   The hand armour in […]
7th April 2016

STAGE 5 – assembly: thighs and shins

:: March 12th 2016 :: Time to start getting the legs sorted and assembled.. the thighs and the dreaded ‘shins’. The thigh armour is the largest […]
17th March 2016

ACCESSORIES – Boots delivered

:: March 17th 2016 :: THE BOOTS HAVE LANDED! Well guess what landed on my desk this afternoon…   Don’t you just love it when you […]
13th March 2016

STAGE 6 – E11 blaster kit

:: March 13th 2016 :: THE DOOPY DOO PIPE KIT Now this might sound like a 1970’s pop song to the uninitiated.. but to those of […]
13th March 2016
Imperial Boots stormtrooper boots


:: March 13th 2016 :: THE BOOTS As a newbie to all this kit building, some research was essential to ensure I got the right boots.. […]
8th March 2016

STAGE 5 – assembly: biceps and forearms

:: March 8th 2016 :: Been offline for a week or two with other stuff, but now back on track this week with exciting deliveries and […]
28th February 2016
Repeat for the other side, clamp and leave overnight to set

STAGE 5 – assembly: shoulder straps prep and bond to chest plate

:: Feb 28th 2016 :: Second update of this building weekend – bonding the ribbed shoulder straps to the front chest armour. Its not a big […]
28th February 2016
Front armour now complete with buttons and paint detail

STAGE 5 – assembly: front armour button panels and paint

:: Feb 28th 2016 :: First off – apologies for the gap in updates. Having been a bit poorly over the past week I haven’t really felt […]
21st February 2016
lower leg panel

STAGE 3.3 – cut panels: thighs, forearms, lower legs and ammo pack

:: Feb 20th 2016 :: I am determined to have all the panel trimming finished this weekend now that this shin plate issue appear to be […]
18th February 2016

..and it was all going so well: UPADTED

:: Feb 18th 2016 :: Update from FISD and Facebook this evening after concerns about some peoples lower leg panels not looking right: Photos courtesy of […]
18th February 2016

STAGE 3.2 – cut panels: butt, kidney armour, shoulders, biceps and small panels

:: Feb 16th 2016 :: Having mastered my first cuts on some of the large panel the other night, it was time to make progress on more panels. […]
14th February 2016

STAGE 3.1 – cut panels: back, chest plate and lower ab/cod piece

:: Feb 14th 2016 :: No going back now! Once your blade makes contact with that plastic that’s it. Just commit and go.. slowly. Never more […]
13th February 2016

STAGE 2 – the kit

:: Feb 13th 2016 :: The ANOVOS kit is actually a very complete kit, and certainly suited to the first time builder like me, and by […]
12th February 2016
The tools and bits

STAGE 1 – getting ready

:: Feb 12th 2016 :: There really is something quite gratifying, that feeling of accomplishment, that sense of “I made this” that comes with everything from […]
11th February 2016

4: The ANOVOS box arrives

This is the day the ANOVOS box arrived at the office. There are shed loads of these video on the web from over-excited fanboys and girls […]
10th February 2016

3: Cost vs Build vs Complete vs Kit vs Early Order

Ok so here’s the thing.. you might be wondering why I’m bothering to ‘build a costume’ as opposed to just buying one complete. Apart from the […]
8th February 2016
Classic stormtrooper

1: Intro

It goes without saying that there can’t be a country, nation, city, town, village or even household on this planet that has never heard of or […]

Welcome to the new blog site for my ANOVOS classic TK stormtrooper costume kit build.

It’s a bit of fun.
Might be of interest to other Star Wars fans.
Might be of interest to other cosplay and Star Wars costume builders.

It is a work in progress and will be updated as regularly as possible as the build progresses. Enjoy.