..and it was all going so well: UPADTED

:: Feb 18th 2016 ::

Update from FISD and Facebook this evening after concerns about some peoples lower leg panels not looking right:

“NOTE: There’s been reports of the shins panels arriving mis-marked by ANOVOS. The instruction booklet may also be incorrect resulting in inaccurate assembly. We’re investigating. If you want, hold tight on the shins until we get this resolved.” 
Photos courtesy of the FISD forum



So glad I held off on the limb panels. These things are sent to try us, but thanks to the guys at FISD for bringing this to everyone’s attention and pursuing it with Anovos.


:: UPDATE Feb 20th 2016 ::

So it appears that there is a error on the Anovos supplied instructions and numbered components for the shins, which has caused great concern for 100’s of costume builders everywhere… particularly those slightly more ahead of the game than me and had already bonded these components together.

In essence the outer LEFT calf panel (#27 on instructions) should actually be the RIGHT inner calf panel (#25 on instructions), and inner RIGHT calf panel (#25 on instructions) should be the LEFT outer calf panel (#27 on instructions).

You can now understand why so many people had issues 🙁  So back on track, let the cutting continue…