3: Cost vs Build vs Complete vs Kit vs Early Order

Ok so here’s the thing.. you might be wondering why I’m bothering to ‘build a costume’ as opposed to just buying one complete.

Apart from the very obvious, here is the perfect analogy for you.. Mr Kiplings or home made cake? (and don’t say Mr Kiplings just to piss me off)

There is also the cost element.. and this is huge, but in a good way, bear with..


You may have notice when I mentioned Anovos in my ‘thanks to’ in the previous post, I mentioned about my order being placed in May 2015.. but it’s only just arrived in Feb 2016.!!

That’s because Anovos works on a tiered system of ordering.

If you’re really interested have a look at http://www.anovos.com/blogs/news/41574273-whats-with-the-waiting-time-and-why-buy-early


Basically, if you want a fully assembled ready to wear ANH (A New Hope) stormtrooper kit it will cost you $1,800 (+ shipping) – thats about £1,240 at current exchange rates.

However… if, like me and 1,000’s of others that saw them at SWCA and ordered on the first tier i.e. before production even began and wanted kit form, it was just $350 (+ shipping).!!!

Yes.. approx £240 at current rates my young padawans.

Work it out for yourself.. here’s a clue: no brainer!.


Some of the new stormtrooper moulds fresh off the production line


Stormtrooper body panels ready for shipping around the world

Yes it took ages to arrive – can you imagine me waiting for this for 9 months…

Yes the endless newsletter updates just made it worse…

Yes I still have to get the blaster gun and boots…

Yes that’s right, I can’t order a costume with a replica blaster gun from a sci-fi film, but I could walk in to a Walmart and buy a real one…

Yes it should have actually been here in December…
…then January…
.. but it’s here now.

Anovos funny

.. however the black under-suit and gloves are now being shipped separately 🙁  Should be here in a about 2 weeks.

Still, I can at least start the build as there is plenty to do.