1: Intro

Classic stormtrooper

Classic stormtrooper

It goes without saying that there can’t be a country, nation, city, town, village or even household on this planet that has never heard of or seen a classic Star Wars stormtrooper.

If you like Star Wars, love Star Wars, hate it, or just can’t be arsed with it.. that’s fine, but everyone has either seen or heard of the Star Wars stormtrooper. Me personally… I saw the original film 22 times in the cinema. I was 12. It was awesome.

The iconic (yes iconic) clean, white armour clad, blaster or rifle touting trooper first appeared back in 1977 in Star Wars – A New Hope, and through various incarnations over the past 39 years is still consider to the one of the leading non-singular characters of the entire franchise today. General variations (without going into sub levels and overly nerdy detail) include:

  • Classic stormtrooper
  • Sandtrooper (desert based)
  • Clone troopers
  • Shadow troopers (black armour with cloaking technology – seriously cool)
  • Snow troopers
  • Scout trooper (sometime known as a bike trooper – another favourite of mine and possible next costume)
  • The new First Order trooper
  • Flame trooper


I think it best to jump sideways here for a moment and just clarify something.

I am a fan, a big fan, a huge fan of the Star Wars films – ok maybe not Ep I, II and III (who is really..?) but definitely of the original trilogy (Ep IV, V and VI) and the latest continuation VII The Force Awakens.

And yes I have books (load of books), behind the scenes book, artwork and photo book, all the dvds, the blurays, even had the VHS collection (yes kids I’m that old!!). I have little toys, big toys, gizmos, wall lights, led lights, a pen, plastic figurines (large and small), merchandise, t shirts (loads of t shirts), jackets, even a pair limited edition Star Wars Vans. I have artwork and posters, signed artwork no less, the original John Williams soundtrack on double CD, jewellery, a non-working but original Star Wars watch, 3 light sabres, the Wii game, the XboxOne game (totally awesome)… I really do bloody love it…

…but I am by no means a living walking wiki on Star Wars.

I know a lot but in no way do I know everything. There are some SERIOUS fanboys out there who have followed the films, the novels, the comics, the sideways storylines, the animated series, the alternative universe versions and so on. You think I know a lot.. these guys (and gals) put me to shame.

This became even more evident in LA last year (2015) at the Star Wars Celebration convention in Anaheim, California (SWCA).

It was amazing to hang out with 1,000’s of like minded people from across the planet, but some of these guys must live and breath SW like no tomorrow.

SWCA 2016

And then you have the 501st Legion (www.501st.com) a global costuming organisation whose passion and love of Star Wars bad guys is helping charities and organisations around the world, with the collective mantra of “bad guys who do good”.. more on them later.

.. so back on track and my own stormtrooper costume build, and it is here we end my very first post. I will continue in the next post where I need to say ‘thank you’ to a few people before we go any further with the build.