STAGE 1 – getting ready

The tools and bits

:: Feb 12th 2016 ::

There really is something quite gratifying, that feeling of accomplishment, that sense of “I made this” that comes with everything from baking a cake, building an extension, creating a piece art art, doing your first Airfix, playing a guitar or drums.. you get my drift.

There was no way on earth I was going to buy a ready made costume and just ‘pop in on’. First off there is the cost, secondly where is the fun in that, and thirdly, by actually assembling this kit from scratch (excluding the helmet) I can custom fit this to me… and that’s one of the most important factors here.

Yes that sense of achievement will be awesome, and there is the ‘off the peg, one size fits all’ vs ‘the tailored fit’.. but unlike gentlemen’s tailored suits and high fashion, the reverse costing principle is in play here. I can tailor this costume to my exact needs, whilst having an absolute blast making it, and saving a bucket load of dosh too. The only ‘cost’ as such is my time.

Benefits of making stuff yourself:
Baking a cake.. you get to lick the bowl.
Assembling Airfix.. you get as high as a kite on the glue.
Learning to play the guitar or the drums yourself.. you think you’re a rockstar!


Ok.. back on track.. here are the essentials I need and now have ready for the build:

  1. The kit itself
  2. Instructions
  3. Loads of notes and tips from
  4. Space.. load of if to work in safely
  5. E6000 glue (not just any ol’ glue and definitely not super glue – apparently this is the stuff to use as recommended by the guys at White Armour)
  6. Craft blades, stanley knife, and various scalpel blades
  7. Sandpaper – various grades
  8. Electric rotary hand tool (i.e. Dremel) and accessories
  9. Rare earth strong magnets – you’ll see why during the build
  10. Masking tape
  11. Hand riveter tool and a couple of rivets
  12. Clamps
  13. Coffee – essential
  14. Big cutting mat
  15. Small cutting mat
  16. All purpose scissors *UPDATE 14/02/16 – don’t get cheap ones like I did first off – see what happens
  17. Camera
  18. Metal rulers long and short
  19. Safety glasses
  20. Safety gloves
  21. Chocolate / biscuits / Jaffa Cakes – again essential
  22. A loving and understanding wife
  23. Bucket loads of excitement

Here we go…