STAGE 2 – the kit

:: Feb 13th 2016 ::

The ANOVOS kit is actually a very complete kit, and certainly suited to the first time builder like me, and by the looks of it on the web, pro and semi pro builders too, admittedly with a little tweaking and enhancements.

All the body panels are supplied, along with a ready assembled helmet, a leather blaster holster, and a plethora of fixings and straps. A set of fairly detailed instructions in graphic form, and you even get the thermal detonator as worn on the back of the utility belt.

Everything is fairly well packaged up and bagged up.

One thing I have been made aware of from the FISD forum is that the belt/holster assembly is not actually screen accurate. Now, before anyone says “does it really matter?” in some respects it does.

Not only is the screen accurate method a better fixing, if I decide to join the 501st my costume needs to be accurate. Anovos have had the whole kit signed off and approved by Disney/Lucas, and it is very accurate Рright down to the non-centred body panel,  however there are suggestions that Disney have made slight adjustments to the original belt/holster assembly for some reason.

I should point out here that Anovos certainly are’t the only manufacturer and supplier of stormtrooper costumes and kits. There are a handful of other companies that supply these, including a few right here in the UK. They all vary in quality, price, completeness (is that a real word?) and accuracy.

That’s enough for today – catch you again later.