STAGE 3.3 – cut panels: thighs, forearms, lower legs and ammo pack

lower leg panel

:: Feb 20th 2016 ::

I am determined to have all the panel trimming finished this weekend now that this shin plate issue appear to be resolved. Onwards and upwards…

Today I started on the last of the larger panels, the thigh plates:

The last of the larger panels - the thigh plates

The last of the larger panels – the thigh plates


Trimmed thigh panels

Trimmed thigh panels


trimmed thigh panels

Again like the other larger panel sections, these panels was fairly straight forward and as such presented no problems.


Before we move on the the next set, I noticed my blade wasn’t performing as well as it was a few days ago – time for a swap round. If anyone else is making one of these, keep your eye on your blade as they soon wear down… and a blunt blade is a dangerous blade – it can slip away from the plastic if it is not sharp enough to cut into it.. but it will still be sharp enough to do you some damage!



Next up are the forearm panels. Again relatively straight forward however the right inside forearm panel has 2 cut lines from some reason, and this threw me slightly. After further investigation with the FISD it appears that this is there in case you have very large forearms. (So why not put it on the left panel too..?)

right inner forearm panel has 2 cut lines


Anyway, all forearm panels trimmed now and ready for finishing.

forearm panels ready for trimming
forearm panels trimmed

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