STAGE 3.1 – cut panels: back, chest plate and lower ab/cod piece

:: Feb 14th 2016 ::

No going back now! Once your blade makes contact with that plastic that’s it. Just commit and go.. slowly.

Never more than now has the joiners favourite expression “measure twice, cut once” come into play. In fact I would say for anyone taking this on “measure twice, check again, mark your cut line, check again, then cut”.

It’s not actually that thick a plastic, which in some respects is a good thing as it will keep the whole armour ensemble quite light when being worn. It does seem to be quite strong in places, but overall the flexibility of it means that on some areas it’s easy to work with… and on other you need to take care.

You really do not want to be trying to cut this stuff in one go, nor at speed. One slip of your blade and not only could you do yourself some serious damage, you could end up knackering a whole panel, and that will be either an expensive or certainly time consuming mistake.

After reading through the 21 page instruction set and research from FISD I have decided the best process for this build is to:

  1. Trim all LARGE body panels first
  2. Trim all LIMB panels next as they need more attention to detail and exact measurement for prefect fit
  3. Finish and sand/Dremel all cut panel edges
  4. Bond/glue/assemble LIMB components
  5. Bond/glue/assemble thermal detonator
  6. Bond/glue/assemble body panels

It just seems to make sense to almost look at this as a production line, as opposed to cutting, finishing, and then assembling one component at a time.

So first panel to work on the the shoulder blade back panel:



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