STAGE 4 – TD – Thermal Detonator – UPDATED

:: April 24th 2016 ::

So it’s early Sunday evening and I really don’t fancy starting the pre-assembly fit, edge cutting and sanding of the trimmed panels…


** UPDATED 24th April – As my build is now being monitored and assisted by Ross from the UKG (UK Garrison) it was noted that my TD looked a little long.. 7mm to be precise. This needed correcting to pass 501st approval. The screws provided by Anovos in the kit were also incorrect (which I already knew) so these were corrected during the update too. See page 3 of this build section for the update.

At lease I can then say I got something assembled this weekend!

The Thermal Detonator (TD) sits on the belt on the back of the stormtrooper, and for those eagle-eyed amongst you, yes it has changed slightly across the films so if you watch Empire or Return they do look slightly different to this one. The one I’m building is from the original Star Wars ANH and is supplied in component form with this kit.

TD pack for stormtrooper - ANH

TD pack for stormtrooper – ANH


The components supplied consist of the tube, white plastic caps, the white plastic panel, the belt clips and the required screws.

TD kit

Now… apparently, the grey colour of the tube is almost identical to the actual grey of the orignal, however some builders are choosing to ‘paint’ the grey on to the tube be more accurate. Not doing that as IMHO I don’t think it necessary.

Now, you’d think this component build was going to be straight forward… so did I.. until I realised the end caps are such a perfect fit that you can’t actually get them on 🙁  Build gallery here we go…

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Now.. for the next bit we need to move from the working area.. to the kitchen! YES THE KITCHEN… you’ll see…

WARNING – this technique uses boiling water so please do be careful if you are undertaking this process to make your end caps fit. Thanks to the legend that is Tony aka UKSWRATH in California at FISD for this tip.

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