STAGE 5 – assembly: first fit

:: June 13th 2016 ::

We’re now into the final stages at last. Fitting tests and strapping are all that really stands between now and completion… and 501st approval!

I need to check things look ok before I finalise and cut/drill/snap fix/glue etc.. the strapping and/or elastic into place. There is still plastic protection film on most of the armour at the moment hence the bits of blue tap holding it – this isn’t holding the armour together.

The thigh armour has the snaps glued in now and the 3″ elastic has 2 x snaps at one end, and is just tied around my leather belt (under the armour) at the other end at present to get a height guide.

The shins now have Heavy Duty Velcro bonded in place along the fitting strip (to replace the standard Anovos Velcro supplied with the kit) and seems to hold really (really) well.

The shoulder armour is not strapped yet, just taped in to place for initial checking.

Final waist ab-to-kidney straps are yet to be made.

**Excuse the gormless look on my face 🙁

Conclusions at this stage:

  1. The gloves that come with the kit really are sh*t and I can’t wait to get the screen accurate replacements from ISD (Imperial Supply Depo).
  2. The undergarments are like one of those wearable saunas!! Not in a million will I be wearing this once I get approved. Defo getting a new breathable ‘wick type’ base layer.
  3. I will defo have to do a bit of return edge trimming as the calfs and thighs in particular are pinching me something terrible behind the knee.
  4. I will defo have to do a bit of comfort/mobility trimming i.e. the curve behind the calfs as walking normally is not good.


Notes made and progress logged with my armourer. Just waiting on his feedback for this initial fitting.

Laters troopers!