STAGE 5 – assembly: front armour button panels and paint

Front armour now complete with buttons and paint detail

:: Feb 28th 2016 ::

First off – apologies for the gap in updates. Having been a bit poorly over the past week I haven’t really felt very creative, and didn’t want to carry on with the build half-arsed and no real enthusiasm.

Back to (almost) full strength and ready to go now, so this first update of the weekend sees the bonding of the button panels, painting of the buttons, and the some modification decisions being taken.

The two button control panels are supplied separately and not part of the armour moulded panel. There were initially trimmed in the first stages with the other smaller items, however they needed final trimming right back to a flush fit.

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Now you may have noticed that these button panels are flat – in particular the lager panel.. flat. The armour piece that this is being bonded to however.. is curved. Now yes, I’m sure glue and clamps might do the trick, however the thought of this panel being under constant strain to remain in place once bonded, even with the mighty E6000 glue all us kit builders are currently using, doesn’t fill me with confidence… so its boiling water bath time again to introduce a slight camber to this panel for a better, more natural (and therefore more permanent) fit.

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Note the different in the fit between the first photo and the last. Makes a hell of a difference.

This is a PUBLIC INFORMATION BROADCAST on behalf of the stormtrooper kit builders across the world right now.

To prevent unnecessary stress and doubling up of jobs, always remember to REMOVE the protective film from the panels BEFORE you apply any E6000 glue. Your co-operation is appreciated.
(You need to read that in your best 1950’s BBC news voice)

Yes folks – I keep seeing this on the forums and on Facebook.. kit builders are forgetting about the protective film that is present on all the panels and are trying to glue pieces together… only to realise the following day they they have basically glued a thin film of plastic to the panel instead 🙁

This film needs to be removed before any sanding or gluing can be carried out for obvious reasons. The trick here however is to only remove or peel away from the edges what you need to, leaving as much of the protective film in place until after final fitting. As these two button panels are being fitted into the centre of the armour I will have to cut a section of the film away, leaving the rest of the armour panel covered.

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These rare earth magnets are truly amazing little bits of kit. They allow you to put a significant hold or pressure on awkward to reach parts that simply can’t be taped or clamped down when glued. The pull on some of these little bad boys is between 1.8kg – 4kg a pair depending on the size/shape of the magnet. More than enough to hold things in place overnight.

Time to leave everything for 24 hours to set. For all positives about E6000 glue, the downside is the drying time.


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