STAGE 5 – assembly: hand armour and shoulder bells

:: March 28th 2016 ::

Some of the smaller straight forward pieces can now be completed and strapped ready for wearing.


The hand armour in the Anovos kit is 501st approved at basic level but higher Centurion level require a different component, a rubber bonded armour. At this stage basic approval is fine for me so we’ll be using the Anovos supplied armour and strapping kit.

The armour straight out the kit does seem a little too big so some trimming is needed.

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Shoulder bells

The shoulder bells are relatively straight forward, again using the Anovos supplied strapping system. Yes there are better alternatives out there but for the time being we’re going with the Velcro system.

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Almost there now.. just the body armour, belt adjustments and helmet and we should be good to go.

That’s it for this stage.. more updates shortly.