STAGE 5 – assembly: shoulder straps prep and bond to chest plate

Repeat for the other side, clamp and leave overnight to set

:: Feb 28th 2016 ::

Second update of this building weekend – bonding the ribbed shoulder straps to the front chest armour. Its not a big posting but I thought it an important one to post up on its own.. you’ll see why in a moment fellow kit builders…

The two ribbed shoulder straps and the front chest plate armour have both been initially trimmed in the prep stages, and now just need tidying and finishing prior to bonding. Mask on.

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Clean all the sanded parts down to remove the dust and set aside for a moment.

These straps are bonded to the front armour, and if you follow this supplied Anovos instructions, velcro’ed to the back armour panel… but we’re not doing that 🙂

To be more accurate with the armour the back sections of the shoulder straps should in fact be unfixed and simply held in place with white elastic as per the original film armour.

So MODIFICATION decision #2 this weekend is to follow the path of some of the other builders and use a hidden strapping system for the shoulders and keep the shoulder straps as close to authentic as possible. Decision made, we’ll only be bonding the front sections tonight as I need to get some extra webbing and snap fittings for the back panel.

The general line here is 5 ridges down (1st big ridge + 4 smaller ones) from the front the the straps to the edge of the armour plate, but it is always best to measure and check as we are all built differently. The standard ‘5 ridge’ measure seem ok for me.


Happy with is, it’s time to prep and bond the shoulder straps in place… and here’s the BIG TIP OF THE WEEK fellow builders..

.. see those hollow ridges.. see all that waste on your floor.. see the narrow edges of the shoulder strap that you somehow need to glue to the armour.. FILL THE RIDGES WITH SCRAP AND YOU’LL GET A BETTER AND BIGGER SURFACE AREA FOR BONDING! Ta Dah!!!

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A lot of builders seem to be focusing on the limb components first off, however I have taken the decision to get the torso sorted first. Particularly in light of the fact that I am now going down the road of two (so far) very large modifications to the torso armour.

#1 being the cutting of the ab/cod piece plate, and #2 is the use of Mr No Stripes wire bracket strapping system as used by the pros on the FISD forums and in the original Star Wars ANH film. The standard Anovos kit does come with velcro strapping and studs but if its a job worth doing… well you know the rest.

Mr No Stripe wire bracket system

Mr No Stripe wire bracket system

This last bit might not mean anything to someone not building their own stormtrooper kit.. but if you are building your own Anovos kit, I would take a look at this method on the FISD forum as it does seem to offer a greater fitting and more flexibility.

Like a lot of these guys on the FISD and the 501st they have full time jobs, so these mini-industries they run for our befit can sometimes carry long delivery times as components like this are either made to order or batched on weekly or even monthly product runs, slotted in between their day jobs.

UPDATE: I have just received an email from the states to say that my order has been shipped! 🙂

That’s it for this weekend folk – laters.