STAGE 5 – Final strapping and completion

:: July 4th 2016 ::

Ok so we are almost there now. Just the strapping to complete and we’re ready for approval.

My armourers have noticed that my ab armour seems to’pop out’ from the chest armour, so this needs to be addressed as part of the final strapping and completion.

It seems that the original elastic hoops that came with the wire fitting kit are a little too small for my frame. By making these slightly larger it will allow me to ‘pull together’ the ab and chest armour using internal elastic strapping.


Ab and chest armour keep parting.

The original elastic hoops are too small and because of the way they are fixed they are keeping the two edges too close to each other, so any slight movement in my upper torso is pulling the two elements apart, causing the gap.

This evening I made new elastic hoops, slightly larger than the ones supplied with the wire kit – Originals on left – new hoops on the right.

With these in place there is now a little more movement/drop in the front armour.

I have bonded into place on the inside of the ab and chest armour (using E6000) 4 x snaps and made 2 x elastic straps, which now pull these to elements together, which now elevates the initial problem.


With that completed (and passed by the armourers) my approval photos were sorted and submitted.

To summarise, I have not used the Anovos supplied Velcro strapping system, instead I have made my own using black webbing and snaps. This is much more reliable, long term, and appears to be the preferred way to go by existing and approved troopers.

UPDATE – 5th July 2016

Just received UK Garrison approval.!! 🙂 🙂 🙂  Well happy. Now just waiting on the 501st to approve everything and get my TK assignment.

UPDATE – 6th July 2016

Staggeringly.. (normally takes about a week) I have just received my TK assignment from the 501st…

TK51007 reporting for duty


(This is my UK Garrison trading card – Note this was made after my induction event detailed below )

So what happens now…?

UPDATE: 21st August 2016

Having been approved by UKG / 501st, the final step in becoming a full UK Garrison trooper and before you can get out there ‘trooping’ at events, is to get booked into an ‘induction event’ to get branded (on the shoulder bell of your armour!) and learn about trooping and spotting at events (what to, and what not to do basically). Yes there are rules – we’re the preferred costuming group for Lucas/Disney for a reason you know 🙂

My induction (and the usual new boy stuff) took place at a small event in Doncaster – a fund raising event for a local care home.



… now to get out there trooping!

You will find photos of a few troops in The Galleries.