STAGE 5 – modifcation: back plate

:: June 18th 2016 ::

After receiving feedback from my armourer on the initial fitting, it appears that my armour is sitting a little too high and is causing the chest plate to ride up over the ab section.! To resolve this the shoulder strap placements need to be a little longer, thus allowing the armour as a whole to sit a little lower on the body.

However, this has flagged up an issue with the back plate armour for people like me who appear to be longer in the body than the leg.

It seems that I was fitting and aligning the armour from the top down (which I thought was logical), instead of from the bottom up. The belt alignment with the ab and kidney armour was not right, so correcting this, along with the shoulder straps, the whole armour assembly now sits much better, and slightly lower… now say helllo to the back plate armour issue.



Now that all the other armour elements are in place, the back plate armour doesn’t sit right. Research on the forums and feedback from my armourer suggests the only way to correct this is to modify the rear shoulder strap points by cutting and heating! 🙁

The shoulder sections now meet, align and sit perfectly with the front armour shoulder straps:


I should add at this point that whilst this all looks simple and dandy here.. it wasn’t. It was getting very frustrating trying to get this initial fitting and strapping section sorted, and whilst my family were trying to help, we were all really in the dark here.. so I put a call out on the UKG forum for some ‘professional’ help… and my call was answered by fellow trooper Will Humphreys, whose help and time one Saturday morning proved to be utterly invaluable.

Will is a fully approved and experienced 501st UKG trooper, and getting to see his completed kit which he kindly brought down with him (from another supplier) in itself was a great help. Having someone who has already built a kit from scratch (and who has to date now trooped at over 100 events) on hand for problem solving and final fitting prior to approval submission was the key to completing my TK.

All that is left now is the final strapping and fitting and we should be good to go!

Laters troopers!