STAGE 5 – modification: helmet

:: May 15th 2016 ::

Not a true ‘assembly’ build as the helmet does actually come completely assembled, however there are some modification needed for (a) 501st approval, and (b) achieving a better helmet. I can already hear the nob jokes 🙂

For any other Anovos kit builders undertaking this believe me it is a daunting task. Not difficult as such, but taking a relatively good helmet apart, drilling, filing, and.. all being well, putting it back together again does make you a little nervous.

The purpose of this build/mod is to:

  • Replace the ear piece screws with correct approved screws
  • Hopefully tighten up the gaps in the helmet/ear armour sections
  • Fix the eye visor element better without using velcro
  • Tidy up the eye cut-outs
  • Tidy up the ‘teeth’

Here goes…

click for larger images or slide show

Once the last coat of white paint goes on the ear screws that should be it for approval. I need to decide on whether to re-fit the supplied head strap (similar to that found in construction hard hats) or replace with foam pads. TBH the head strap actually fits me fine so I may just stick with that for the moment. I have also seen some troopers have added an elastic chin strap so that may be added too.

However, I think I will definitely need to add some fans for cooling and a mic/speaker combo for best effect, but that will be another post.

That’s it for this stage…