STAGE 6 – E11 blaster kit – completion

:: June 5th 2016 ::

Its times like this I am glad I dabbled in Warhammer 40k, otherwise I would never had come across or tried my hand at painting techniques, especially dry-brushing.! With the E11 blaster almost complete, we’re now in to the final stages.

I am really pleased how this has come along, and I owe a debt of gratitude to my weapons armourer Mark on the UKG, Christopher Pearson, and the guys and gals on the Anovos Facebook page for their help and support on this. I was not expecting to be building this so soon to be honest.. the plan was to get this sorted AFTER the stormtrooper costume was finished. I wasn’t aware early on in the build that for 501st UKG approval you must have a weapon as part of your kit for submission, so this element of the whole build was brought forward a lot quicker than planned.

These finishing stages will take the blaster from a kit like this:


… to this:



Now that everything has been primed, undercoated, and first coated we can move on to detail and final assembly:

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Fitting the ‘real’ accessory components

After a couple of spray coats of acrylic lacquer, it is time to refit all the lenses, screws and bolts that replace the resin cast ‘effect’ versions that were drilled out or sanded off in the earlier stages:

One little detail I think needs showing off is the infilled text on the scope. This was achieved with a dab of white enamel paint, rubbed across the scope into the text and the excess wiped off before it dried. Bingo!

The larger lens in the rear of the scope...

Finishing up

With the top rail assembly including scope and counter now fixed into place and screwed into the rear sight (with a brass screw for accuracy), the folding stock is glued and screwed into place (just before all the T tracks were fitted), the power cells are fixed to the ammo housing, and lastly the spring is inserted and the end cap fixed in to place.



Done – the finished article.





Some before and after images:



Everything was going so well, and here is where I say again people.. detail, detail, detail. During the final run up to completion I was so focused on the enhancement parts, the paint job, the assembly… that I completely missed the positioning of the LED in the ammo cartridge. It should be located on the RIGHT as you look at it, not the LEFT where I have fitted it 🙁

Luckily it was picked up by my armourer before approval submission, but it meant correction work was needed.

Good as new.. and now correct. The blaster was passed by UKG armoury on the 10th June.

Good as new.. and now correct. The blaster was passed by UKG armoury on the 10th June.