STAGE 6 – E11 blaster kit – resin parts and pipe prep

:: May 11th 2016 ::

Resin Parts Prep – pt1

As already mentioned, the Doopy Doo’s E11 Blaster pipe kit of considered one of the best E11 blaster resin kits available… made right here in the UK. However, to get the best from this kit you really need to add Tinos ‘completion kit’ which comprises of various bolts, screws, wires, grub screws, metal bits and so on, and it really does make a difference.

Add this stuff…


.. to this kit..

The Doopy Doo E11 resin pipe kit

.. and you start to get blaster bits that look like this:

Time to also start ‘drimelling’ out some of the resin pieces that need a little work – these being the trigger and finger guard, the front sight, and the 2 outlet covers.


Pipe Prep pt1

The 40mm plastic pipe has also been drilled following the FISD template:

Finally for this update, the power cells! These were 3D printed by Shapeways and designed by Christopher Pearson. It looks awesome, and with the addition of the tiny threads and bolts from Tinos completion kit it looks the dogs!


Still got a fair way to go on the blaster, but this is a good start…. for me 🙂