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Assassin Graphics

Now you have your costume built.. it needs to travel, and what better way to transport your kit than in a custom branded tool chest or storage box ..aka trooper transport!

Assassin Graphics designs and makes (amongst other things) custom kit box plates with your 501st ID and costume icons on them. There is a range of standard box plates to suit the most popular tool chests and storage boxes (i.e. Stanley and some generic storage boxes) and one of the best things is that they are 501st, UKG and ISS approved to laser engrave the official logos on your plates too.

Assassin Graphics kit box plates Assassin Graphics kit box plates

There is a wide range of plate colours available to suit most costumes (black/white, white/black, black/red, orange/white etc..) including a generic brushed metal-look/black finish too, and as these are laser engraved not printed, the graphics won't ever rub off!

Assassin Graphics also make official ID Badges with the UKG and 501st Legion logos (for members only).


TRamp (short for Trooper Amp, and pronounced "tramp") is a fully integrated audio system for voice amplification and audio authenticity during troops or costume events. Designed primarily for Stormtroopers (but not exclusive to) with one of 8 random pops, clicks or 'static' bursts that sound after you speak for that authentic 'comms chat' effect.

I have one of these in my kit and have to say its fantastic. I know many troopers put their own systems together with a combo of items, but for me, the fact that the TRamp is an all in one solution sold it. It can use a cabled or a wireless microphone system (cabled mic supplied).

TRamp sound system

(Wireless mic shown in photo supplied separately)
Able to be installed into a huge variety of lids or masks, and a huge variety of characters such as Stormtroopers, Pilots, Mandolorians and many others not limited to Star Wars. TRamp can also be extended to offer a wide array of switch (or micro) controlled sounds, enabling it to be used for weapon or other character specific sound effects (contact TRamp for more details on these customised options).

A TRamp system come complete and includes: cabled mics, the main TRamp unit, cables, head straps, battery, and USB charging leads. For latest pricing and more details check out their Facebook page -

Based and built in the UK by a fellow trooper, so if you do order, please quote code TRS0003 so he can track where orders are coming from.

ISD - Imperial Supply Depot

The ISD makes and supplies all manner of stormtrooper costume parts, including upgraded elements for those looking to achieve Elite or Centurion status.

TD parts, shoulder pauldron for sandtroopers, neck collars, holsters, gloves and hand guards etc.. I got my Star Wars ANH screen accurate latex hand guard and gloves from ISD and have to say they are great.

ISD latex hard guard gloves

Check out their Facebook page for latest pricing and availability, and what's on offer as their range is always expanding.

RWA Creations

RWA makes and forms complete stormtrooper kits, and can supply just parts or accessories if required, and makes (in my opinion) one of the best TK canvas belts around.. as used on my build.

His facebook page is full of info and details. Browse the albums for ANH stunt stormtrooper build help etc. Constantly updates the page with new sculpts for vac forming and builds and he (Ross) is involved in with the Vectis Remnant Squad. Also has a YouTube channel which is a handy guide for building your RWA TK armour.

RWA TK kit

Check out their Facebook page for latest pricing and availability, and what's on offer as their range of costumes, parts and accessories is always expanding.