Anyone who has bought a kit costume knows only too well that there are some absolutely essential (and some not so essential but still required) accessories that are required to either complete your kit or enhance it.

The Anovos kit isn’t supplied with boots or a blaster of any kind so these are classified in my book as ‘essential’ – and I wouldn’t call them accessories either really, they are needed to complete the basic kit.

You need boots… otherwise you can’t walk anywhere.

You need a blaster… otherwise you can’t shoot anyone!


17th March 2016

ACCESSORIES – Boots delivered

:: March 17th 2016 :: THE BOOTS HAVE LANDED! Well guess what landed on my desk this afternoon…   Don’t you just love it when you […]
13th March 2016
Imperial Boots stormtrooper boots


:: March 13th 2016 :: THE BOOTS As a newbie to all this kit building, some research was essential to ensure I got the right boots.. […]